Monday, 18 January 2016

America at work, America at leisure and Adams

America at work, America at leisure and Adam

This collection goes well with Adams argument of Americas want for bigger and better. It shows  Americas growth between the years 1894-1915 and how it became more commercialised and industrialised.

Adams idea of each American wanting bigger and better is seen when he says, “The man who joined the community was not simply an additional unit in a population but he was recognised as adding to the prosperity and furthering the ambitions of every other member.”. It links with the collection as it highlights the growth and quantity in which America displayed from individual Americans prospering thus turning into prosperous communities which, as the collection shows, then needing more services such as fire departments and schools, creating rapid growth.

Although, Adams shows this concept of America always aspiring to bigger and better things, he doesn't agree with it. He believes as the rapid growth was happening in America the history of how it came to be the country it was, was being forgotten and left behind as it was "enjoying the most glorious chance to get rich quick". Industry was replacing the 'old' America, "Over the unknown spot where De Soto had been given his watery grave in the midst of a continental wilderness, there now raced against each other great boats..".

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