Sunday, 17 January 2016

James Truslow Adams and Bridgehampton

I looked into he's history he grow up in new york and the book he wrote about the place he grow up in. Which is called old Bridgehampton, he go's in to real detail in to thinks like page 8, "Fine to median orange sand" he talk about how the climate has changed as he grow up. Although with maps of the geology of the island. It's talking about how New York has evolved over the years he's been alive and than how it could possibility look in the future.

Details about how the settlement of the English in 1620, of plymouth than talk about how immigration was a large part of than and during his life time and when we think about New york now, it does have that idea of to the melting pot of American, and to this it still is.

It was nice to hear the way he wrote about the place he grow up and they was he talk about it showed how he cared.

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