Sunday, 31 January 2016

Chp. 11 Indians in the House

Chapter 11, Indians in the House
Breakdown of the chapter. 
When Pa leaves to go hunting, Jack wants to go but Pa ties him to the barn to guard it. He tells Laura and Mary to not to let Jack off. So they sit by Jack, comforting him, when Jack starts to growl as he see two Indians approach and go into the house. So Jack starts growling and lunging, the girls fear for Ma and Carrie as they are in the house. Laura wants to let Jack go, as she felt that he would protect the family but Mary says no. Laura and Mary run into the house to see what was happening as they walked in, the Indians are standing by the fireplace, and Ma is cooking, they eat the cornbread than leave. When Pa returns Man explains they are short of cornmeal, and the Indians took Pa's tobacco, and what happened. Pa, of course, chastises Laura for wanting to let Jack loose. 

I have chosen this chapter to show how Native Americans are represented in the book. 


"Will there be enough land for all of them?"

Chapter 11;

"tall, thin, fierce-looking men." "eyes were black and still and glittering, like snakes' eyes" "those terrible men" "naked wild men" "a horribly bad smell" "bold and fierce and terrible" "squat down the hearth" "every morsel of it...picked up crumbs from the hearth" "harsh sound in his throat"

Laura > "Jack will kill them"
Pa > "We don't want to make enemies of any Indians" ... "We don't want to wake up some niht with a ban of screeching dev-" (devils ..?)
Pa > "He would have bitten those Indians... bad trouble."

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