Sunday, 7 February 2016

Colorado River in Iceberg Canyon

The Colorado River in Iceberg Canyon, on the border of Mojave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada 1871 
Timothy O'Sullivan 

This photograph was taken by Timothy O'Sullivan who emigrated from Ireland and during his time In America took many photos of the Western frontier.  

The lone man gives an idea as to the scale of area and shows us how big and vast canyon is although the photo only shows a small part of it. He appears to be the only person in the photo which shows that there is a lack of populace in the area. It would seem a peaceful place to relax in with seemingly not much activity going on. From looking in It kind of gives off an eerie feel with the lone man in such a huge area. However one would assume that the man enjoys the view and would perhaps describe it as picturesque. From the photo it is hard to tell how far the river goes back as it is hidden by the canyon in the distance.  

The sky would appear to be clear highlighting the barren landscape and calm nature of the area. However the Canyon is very rocky and potentially hazardous highlighting the dangers of the wilderness. 

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