Sunday, 28 February 2016

Prosperity and money (old and new)

Prosperity and money (old and new)

During the whole of the movie prosperity and money are a main features which are prominent. The concept of new money and old money can be seen in the form of Gatsby and Tom. Gatsby a self made man, is seen as new money. He wasn't born with money and it can be seen throughout the movie, even with the great wealth he accumulates, because he is new money he doesn't have the same respect that Tom does. This is also because he obtains this wealth through illegal activities. Whereas Tom comes from a wealthy and well respected family who lives in East Egg which is seen as a more respectable and civilized area than that of West Egg which is where Gatsby lives. Also, Tom doesn't actually work at all and all he does is play polo, this shows the extent of his families wealth.

A modern example of prosperity and money in the new sense is Bill Gates. Even though Gates didn't have as bad of a background as Gatsby, they can still be compared with one another as they both make themselves and make their own fortunes. Gates can be seen as a better more successful modern version of Gatsby with him being the richest man in the world. But the way in which he got there is one which is similar to Gatsby.

An example of prosperity and money in the old sense can be seen in the Du Pont family. The family has a long line of wealth with blood lines connecting to a minor royal family, but the family gained excessive wealth when they moved to America in 1800 and founded Eleuthere Irenee, a company that manufactured gunpowder. 

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