Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Searcher

I've chosen the last scene film because it stuck with me the most.

They come back as the heroes they got her back safely. Its very bitter sweet. It feels like theres a serious chachter devoplment, or maybe just a realizion on the behave of Ethan. As he hands over the he over to her parents they run inside they do this as a possblie sign that they only feel safe inside there homes, due the kidnaping. But theres no, thank you for sign of greatfulness towards Ethan. Also the way he step on the deck just to look in though the door as Martin and Laurie run inside, they look are holding hands, it's the momment when Martin closes the chartper of his life where he was a wanarder with Ethan. I don't think he leaving Ethan behind he's just moving on in his life, his way to move from being in Ethan shadow, and hope that Ethan follows him in to the house to be part of a world that he hasn't known for years. And if Debbie had lived I think Ethan would have joined or walked though that dooor. But without her I don't think thought there was anything for him when he walked though that, that why he didn't look back as he walked way and back to his horse.

The film really helpped me understand the settlers time.

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