Sunday, 13 March 2016

African America

The African-American Affairs Commission 
The main aim of the AAAC is to promote and improve the economic development, education, health and political well being of the African-American community in the State of Connecticut. This was formed due to an increasing awareness of economic disadvantages faced by African American males in the United States.  
The website is clearly for against Separatism as it wants African Americans to have what it would describe the same economic development and stability as everyone else in the State of Connecticut. However the fact that this website/Commission was put together does suggest that there was and perhaps still is separation between African Americans and white people. Although separatism is a different discussion altogether the website shows that it wants to close the gap between the different societies 
When looking at assimilation it is evident that the AAAC is an advocate of it and is striving for the African American community to be like the other communities/societies. They perhaps feel that African Americans don’t have the same opportunities as whites in Connecticut and felt this Commission was needed to improve the lives of African Americans. They want to improve the lives of African Americans within the community which would make them more alike with other groups within Connecticut 
The AAAC is a One Connecticut partner which highlights the negativity around separatism and with the step towards cultural assimilation. This coalition of more than 60 state and community based organisations are committed to public action, advocacy and education that promote a better quality of life of all for all Connecticut residents. The coalition is there to ensure that the state does not single anyone out regarding its policies and practices.  

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