Saturday, 5 March 2016

Depression photography

This photo shows a mother and child at the side of the road. We don't know if they have stopped for a moment or if they're stranded due to running out of petrol or because of car troubles but it can clearly be seen that they are on the move.

I chose this picture as it shows how a family which used to have money and wealth and now are having to move on to a new place with uncertainty of whats to come. This past money and wealth is seen through their belongings such as them having a trailer full of their belongings. The way in which the mother, in her fur collared coat and nice hat, and child, dressed nicely with clean clothes and is wearing, also presents their past wealth. 

The way in which the mother is gazing could be because she is doesn't want to be photographed and is ashamed. It could also be to show how she's looking into the distance and wondering what to do next or where they are going to go next to start a new life. Also, the way in which she is holding the baby’s dress symbolises maybe the way she's holding on to hope for america and that it will get better.

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