Monday, 14 March 2016

African America

African America Identity.
In modern America may African American identify with many celebrities they look at as a move forward for them as a people. Also, many celebrities take it upon themselves  to speak for the community because they don't have a voice.

The best and most recent example is the 50th Super Blow halftime show with Beyonce performing, her song Formation. She took inspiration for her outfits from the "black panthers"  which were active between 1966 until 1982. Also, Beyonce and Jay-Z spent tens of thousands” of dollars to free protesters who could not pay their bail following anti-police brutality demonstrations in Baltimore, Ferguson and Missouri. They also heavily back pressure group  "Black Life Matters". Black Life Matters was started in 2013, was a direct outcome of the Ferguson killings. They have many chapters across America and it going in size massively, this mainly due to social media their #blacklifematters has been tending for the past 3 years pretty much constantly. They've even got a chapter in Canada, this suggests that it feels like the issues it's just limited to America. By going to their website it's heavily influenced by the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, they were seen as having more of a confidential view to dealing with the situation and being "pro-active" with violence.

But places like Baltimore, Ferguson and Missouri have been seen as a new form of separatism. As large groups of white people have moved out of this places due to high crime rates and low employment, it's been said the black community are unable to do this due to long-standing history and not having the saving and money to do so. These are also the main areas that have the most amount of police brutality complaints. 

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