Monday, 28 March 2016

Pro and Anti immigration

Pro and Anti Immigration

The Organisation FAIR, standing for Federation for American Immigration Reform, is a non-profit and a non-partisan organisation which believes that the immigration laws are in need of reform so that the amount of immigrants which enter the country decreases. They believe America has reached a point where their perpetual growth cannot continue as they have ‘limited space’ from the influx of immigrants.

Although their name is FAIR, even from the front page of their website it shows hatred towards immigrants with one headline stating ‘Americans are losing their jobs to imported worker’, showing they want FAIR jobs but for Americans. They don't only discriminate against illegal immigrants but also legal immigrants stating that ‘the American people don't understand just how large our immigration intake truly is’ and that should also be dramatically reduced. 

AIJ, Americans for Immigrant Justice, aim to protect the basic human rights of immigrants so that they not the subject of abuse or injustice in American society. They are an award winning non-profit law firm based in Florida and Washington and are considered to be one of the most effective national groups fighting for immigrant justice.

Their website provides a lot of information on their information about how the help immigrants and programs they have started, for example the Children’s Legal Program. This provides legal services for immigrant children to help them stay in the US, as ‘nearly half of the children have a valid legal claim to be in the US but without an attorney they have only a 1% chance of succeeding’. They stress how the immigrants need help to represent themselves and should be given a chance to try and stay in the US as many have ‘compelling claims to justice’. 

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