Saturday, 26 March 2016

PRO of ANTI immigration?

The Minute Men Project is an exemplar of extremist right wing thought process regarding immigration. A ‘Minute Man’ is typically an older, white man whom takes on the vigilantly role of border watchman. They see immigration – and its illegal counterpart – as the biggest threat to the preservation of American culture. Their views somewhat smudge the definitions of nationalism and xenophobia.

I find some of the imagery on their website particularly interesting. They have a ‘JOIN US’ section which is reminiscent of the Uncle Sam propaganda used in world war II. It poses as an America flag with two rifles in a cross laid over the top. ‘Interested in being a Minuteman? Start here!’ it suggests. The militant undertone of this section of the website is troubling as it points to enrolment in a force that is dedicated to fighting immigration. Which would surely manifest itself in a fight with the immigrant population? A hypothetical which would be disastrous once you've taken into account the shear number of Latino immigrants and their concentration in certain locations, such as Southern California.

As an immigrant viewing this website I think you would certainly feel misunderstood and threatened by the Minute Men Project’s intentions and their willingness to lead with their second amendment rights.

Latinos Progesando (LP) is an organization that leads Chicago in support for Latino Immigrants. Their founder set up the organization as a loan volunteer with “the goal of instigating neighbourhood transformation: building a culture of high expectations, developing and sustaining innovative service-delivery models and engendering an unmatched spirit of collaboration.” Its worth investigation why the growth of LP has been so strong from its establishment to becoming the “largest Latino-led family based immigration legal services program in the State of Illinois.”

For this type of organization to find its services in high demand suggests that life for immigrants in the US is hard. However, for a Pro-Latino immigration organization to become so popular similarly means that it must be helping a large number of Latinos to become more prosperous and generally successful in life. Their website stresses that its aim is to help Latino’s thrive and its whole vibe is one of optimism and positivity.

The optimism on the PRO side of the debate indicates that Latinos feel as if they have a secure place in the US. It does make historical sense: Having lost a large chunk of territory (to America) in the Texan and Mexico wars in the 1840’s. Therefore, with groups like LP and a shared ancestry in parts of America, coupled with the densely populated clusters in which they often live, immigrants are justly optimistic in regard to the longevity of their residence in America.

I should note that the election of Trump as president would of course jeopardise the security of that standpoint. 

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