Sunday, 6 March 2016

Great Depression Photography

I love this photo, so much. Personal I find the photo inspiriting. It really highlights how things don't change father will always do a son's hair and it will alway annoy son, no matter what age. It just simply shows a side of the depression which people didn't think existed people, were still just
people. Their kids still had there the first word, walk, that life moment still happened. Life didn't stop for these people it was just so much harder than it should have been. Along with it shows how people are so resilient, it shows possible another side other of the American dream that could be seen as just trying and moving forward and better things will come. It's that idea of if we keep moving than better things are to come.
Also, I think this how he wanted people to see him. But this isn't how people show him and his son, the other photo was shown more. It's just like these people were shown at there worst and people who show would forget that they were actual people.

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